Group Retirement Plans

For Manufacturing Employees

Group retirement plans are ranked as one of the top tools for attracting and retaining the best talent; they can be highly effective in reducing financial stress. For over two decades, Open Access has successfully partnered with companies across Canada to implement and manage group retirement plans. From coast to coast, reputable manufacturing companies have relied on Open Access to optimize and enhance their group retirement offering with an eye towards the future. Better preparing your employees for life after work and standing out as a top employer has never been easier with Open Access by your side.

As Canada’s leading independent provider of group retirement plans, Open Access has helped design, implement and enhance robust retirement benefit programs to meet the unique needs of the manufacturing industry. We work with you to review and ensure your plan that best aligns with your goals and corporate objectives.

What makes Open Access different?

We understand that every employee’s needs differ. That’s why our plans are fully customizable. Open Access specialize in designing a plan that aligns with your workforce’s financial goals.

Our approach to managing your funds

We are focused on removing the burden off plan members from having to make complicated investment decisions. The Open Access investment team works on our plan members’ behalf to scan the marketplace of investment strategies and select those poised for sustainable performance. Our unbiased, conflict free client driven philosophy delivers competitive performance, net of fees, over multiple market cycles.

We are committed to helping your employees retire well.

Expert investment management

Our members benefit from investment portfolios that are regularly reviewed to ensure they’re poised for optimal performance.

We actively review more than 100 economic and market indicators to mitigate risk and capitalize on investment opportunities.

Conflict-free investing

As a fiduciary that is independent of large financial institutions, we operate only with our members’ best interests in mind. We do not have any proprietary products or in-house funds to sell. Our focus is solely on investing money in funds that are truly right for you.

Investment sustainability

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors are becoming more and more prominent and with good reason. Our investment team only select funds where ESG is considered in the investment process. At Open Access, your investments help pave the way for a more sustainable future.

We believe that every Canadian deserves to retire well – our retirement plans are designed with exactly that outcome in mind. Learn more about our investment philosophy here.

With Open Access, a Canadian fiduciary retirement plan provider by your side, your investments are always protected and safe.

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